دانلود موسیقی متن سریال The Best Of Cartoon Network Vol. 2

Download The Best Of Cartoon Network Vol. 2 Soundtrack

Genre : Soundtrack

Date : 2021

Country : USA

Audio codec : MP3

Quality : 320kbps

File size : 64MB

Playtime : 27:01

Track (Number) : 15

1. Island Song (From “Adventure Time”) (1:51)
2. Animaniacs Main Theme (From “Animaniacs”) (2:15)
3. Batman The Brave And The Bold Main Theme (From “Batman The Brave And The Bold”) (0:55)
4. Jonny Quest Main Theme (From “Jonny Quest”) (1:53)
5. Looney Tunes Opening Theme (From “Looney Tunes”) (0:16)
6. Scooby Doo Where Are You? (From “Scooby Doo”) (2:35)
7. Spiderman And His Amazing Friends Main Theme (From “Spiderman And His Amazing Friends”) (0:59)
8. A Galaxy Divided (From “Star Wars The Clone Wars”) (1:13)
9. Stronger Than You (From “Steven Universe”) (2:53)
10. Go! (From “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies”) (1:37)
11. The Flintstones Main Theme (From “The Flintstones”) (1:08)
12. The Pink Panther Main Theme (From “The Pink Panther”) (2:35)
13. The Yogi Bear Show Main Theme (From “The Yogi Bear Show”) (1:29)
14. Tiny Toon Adventures Main Theme (From “Tiny Toon Adventures”) (1:59)
15. Yu Gi Oh! Main Theme (From “Yu Gi Oh!”) (3:28)

The Best Of Cartoon Network Vol. 2 Soundtrack


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