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دانلود موسیقی متن بازی Fable Legends: A Tale Of Two Sides / The Rosewood – توسط Russell Shaw

Download Fable Legends: A Tale Of Two Sides / The Rosewood Soundtrack By Russell Shaw

Genre : Score

Date : 2016

Country : USA

Audio codec : MP3

Quality : 320kbps

File size : 171MB

Playtime : 02:22:49

Track (Number) : 34

A01. Title Theme [04:15]
A02. The Lady of Rosewood: Will You Dance [02:13]
A03. Queen of Roses: Awakening [02:03]
A04. The Lady of Rosewood: Wisps [02:13]
A05. Queen of Roses: A Prick of Thorns [02:13]
A06. The Lady of Rosewood: Pinnacle [02:39]
A07. Queen of Roses: Pinnacle [02:11]
A08. Ancient Stones: The Tale Begins [02:07]
A09. What Lies Behind: Open the Door [02:09]
A10. Ancient Stones: A Frantic Fight [02:10]
A11. What Lies Behind: In the Dark [02:10]
A12. Ancient Stones: Pinnacle [02:12]
A13. What Lies Behind: Pinnacle [02:09]
A14. Fae Tales: They Are Watching [02:08]
A15. Something Wicked: Awakening [02:12]
A16. Fae Tales: Closing In [02:09]
A17. Something Wicked: Time to Die [02:10]
A18. Fae Tales: Pinnacle [02:12]
A19. Something Wicked: Pinnacle [02:25]
A20. In the Country: The Path Awaits [02:11]
A21. Lady’s Revenge: Twisted Vines [02:07]
A22. In the Country: Growing Near [02:11]
A23. Lady’s Revenge: A Terrible Cost [02:09]
A24. In the Country: Pinnacle [02:07]
A25. Lady’s Revenge: Pinnacle [02:23]
A26. Heroic Adventure: So It Begins [02:12]
A27. A Twist in the Tale: Open the Gate [02:09]
A28. Heroic Adventure: To Battle [02:05]
A29. A Twist in the Tale: Cursed [02:07]
A30. Heroic Adventure: Pinnacle [02:12]
A31. A Twist in the Tale: Pinnacle [02:40]
A32. Brightlodge Battle: At the Gates [02:31]
A33. Brightlodge Battle: Defend the Town [02:07]
A34. Brightlodge Battle: Pinnacle [02:20]

Fable Legends: A Tale Of Two Sides / The Rosewood Soundtrack By Russell Shaw


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