(BY Thomas Dolby)

دانلود موسیقی متن فیلم Gothic

Download Gothic Soundtrack By Thomas Dolby

Genre : Score

Date : 1987

Country : UK

Audio codec : MP3

Quality : 320kbps

File size : 100MB

Playtime : 43:57

Track (Number) : 2

01 Gothic – Part One (18:15)
1a Fantasmagoria
1b Byronic Love
1c Shelleymania
1d Mary’s Theme
1e Party Games
1f Gipsygirl
1g The Crucifix
1h The Fundamental Source
1i Sin And Buggery
1j Impalement
1k Skullpulse
1l Leech Juice
1m Restless Sleep 1, 2 & 3
1n It’s His!

02 Gothic – Part Two (25:45)
2a A Trickle Of Blood
2b Coitus Per Stigmata
2c Once We Vowed Eternal Love
2d Riddled With Guilt
2e Metamorphosis
2f The Hangman
2g The Beast In The Crypt
2h The Final Seance
2i Funeral By The Lake
2j No Ghosts In Daylight
2k To The Grave
2l The Devil Is An Englishman

Gothic Soundtrack By Thomas Dolby


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