(BY A. R. Rahman)

دانلود موسیقی متن فیلم Rangeela

Download Soundtrack Rangeela By A. R. Rahman

Genre : Soundtrack

Date : 1995

Country : India

Audio codec: MP3

Quality : 320kbps

File size: 101MB

Playtime : 44:07

Track (Number) : 8

1. Rangeela Re (From “Rangeela”) (5:30)
2. Hai Rama (From “Rangeela”) (6:47)
3. Yaaron Sun Lo Zara (From “Rangeela”) (5:54)
4. Kya Kare Kya Na Kare (5:39)
5. Tanha Tanha (From “Rangeela”) (5:36)
6. Mangta Hai Kya (From “Rangeela”) (6:46)
7. Pyaar Yeh Jaane Kaise (From “Rangeela”) (4:55)
8. Spirit of Rangeela (From “Rangeela”) (3:00)

Rangeela Soundtrack By A. R. Rahman

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